A Connected Community
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With a thoughtful and distinctive architectural character that balances historical influences with contemporary style, The Slopes celebrates its connections - to Lacombe County, the Town of Sylvan Lake, the Summer Village of Birchcliff, the lake itself and the natural beauty that forms The Slopes' fabric.
  • Create a distinctive community that recognizes and respects its proximity to Sylvan Lake and the Summer Village of Birchcliff
  • Provide a variety of high-quality residential choices (including semi-attached homes, single family homes and custom-built estate homes)
  • Maximize the preservation of natural areas and existing stands of deciduous and coniferous trees
  • Dedicate more than half the land to shared open space with meaningful amenities and regional trail network connections
  • Retain viewsheds (both inward and outward)
  • Uphold Smart Growth principles through a community design based on 'conservation cluster' development and an effective transportation and communal servicing infrastructure
The Developer

The Slopes of Sylvan Lake is a thoughtful response to Lacombe County's forward-looking vision for sustainable new development that respects and protects Sylvan Lake, while allowing people to fully enjoy it.

The development of the Area Structure Plan (ASP) was itself a response to public demand to create active and vibrant communities that surround Sylvan Lake.

Recognizing its potential for the development of a distinctive community perfectly aligned with the County's goals, Belterra Land Company and Longview Planning have worked painstakingly to craft a compelling master plan for The Slopes' 49 acres.

'Elevated Living' is the perfect description for both the land and for Belterra's approach to developing it. It emphasizes the area's captivating character - its undulating topography and ever-changing elevations. It also underscores what they are planning to create here: a community that raises luxury living at Sylvan Lake to a higher standard.

Belterra regards The Slopes as its first of many high-quality projects in the Sylvan Lake and Central Alberta area - "our showcase community," says Chris Artibello, President of Belterra Land Company. "As one of the first new communities under Lacombe County's new ASP, The Slopes hopes to set a new standard for development around Sylvan Lake. "We are also determined to honour the commitments to quality that we made during the planning and approvals process."

Belterra has two projects on the go in the Sylvan Lake area and has been exploring additional opportunities. "We believe in the area - we believe a promising future is being created here - so we are making significant investments to establish ourselves as a long-term partner in the area's sustainable development.

"With this in mind, we want The Slopes to set a distinctive tone and a commanding precedent. That's why the community is being planned, built and marketed with an uncompromising commitment to quality."

Belterra Land Company